Dear Sonja,

one more time thank you for your courageous and intimate performance!

while i was watching it i found myself in need to response in some way, to be active participant of it

Spontaneously, i documented (firstly) on the paper how i experience it all in real time
just like a poem, live diary, distance dialog with you and myself
stream of consciousness without my own censorship

so i would like to share it with you

light and sun

her – textures – full

room lights
skin membrane
i am blind

someone is walking
grasp it, grasp it

i am falling in turning
reminds me today meditation in the morning
passage of time

catch me, touch me
just this moment, i prefer
as red nails of tender fighter
black hole into your arm pit
squeeze your breast
to center

90ties – memories – VHS
home video
doors stay open
are you leaving

layer of loading

to the restless

what parts of body is sensing

up-side down dreams

greyscape of solitude
in falling balcony

you are aside me
over there left – right

how do you feel darling?

wandering, wondering
domination of wave
i am below you

would you pohladkať ma
hold me!
bring me closer
yes, am i child

everyshape of your.mine room
sticks with whiteness of liquid
resambles – odrazy

smell of the wood – skrine
hide myself close to it
this is old doors of my grandmother she is dead now


here is comoposition
you are searching for new looking
by reshaped things, crashing them


i am sitting
my back is touching the chair
i open space behind
to the other room
i follow the voluntary order

stomac kiss

i am far
i am touching the screen
i am touching you
do you feel?
i am trying it
gentle – not to calm you

your breath is with me
is close to me
on my chest

blueberry components of soul

kiss again
just right eye

i am with you

my eyes is your camera

just for seconds
being carried to the sofa
light change
intimacy – stay!

this is the place

what is my position/role – mate, witness, boyfriend, preacher, sister
just someone close

you don´t need to be man or woman
lips are closed


agreed under
where do i belong to be?
green loafs

you can go
leave us
leave it go

in annoying tones
is always light
would be better to shut that melody now


cause i want do it with my phone

we are going somewhere
for what cost?

just finish it
i can leave the session too


seeing black room
bring back memory of red-pinky room
flat is your friend?

in my room is dark
barelly see what i am writting
on white paper with my pencil

what are you asking for?
pushing flatness

at the end

and after it

Hug from Slovakia